Documentary film in Morado K’asa

A teacher works with some of the kids in the school in Morado K’asa

The past few months, BiblioWorks has been working with a local organization called Condor Trekkers and an organization based in Poland called Early Stage, to create a documentary video about the community of Morado K’asa.


The main focus of the video is to highlight the lives of children in a rural, indigenous community in Bolivia to share with children in Poland. The video and an accompanying song, performed by the kids in Morado K’asa, will then be sold to parents in Poland who participate in Early Stage’s projects.

The proceeds from these sales will be used to improve the school in Morado K’asa with supplies and some possible refurbishments. If there is enough money raised, we hope to be able to open a new library in another community in need.

This project has been fun and refreshing for the BiblioWorks staff and the team has enjoyed getting to know more of the children in Morado K’asa and learning about their daily lives. There are many challenges that children face in rural Bolivia on a daily basis. To learn about how you can get involved in directly impacting the lives of children in Bolivia, click here now!

As part of the recording process, we brought a group of 12 children to the city of Sucre. We were able to feed them lunch and then go to the park and show them some of the city. Most of the children had never left tiny Morado K’asa, so it was a very special day for all of them and something that they will never forget. Please consider joining our efforts to promote education and literacy in Bolivia. Only through education can we create sustainable communities.


Kids in the library in Morado K’asa














Kids in their classroom, Morado K’a