Clothes for children

The children were very excited to receive the new clothes!

While BiblioWorks is dedicated to literacy and libraries, the communities where we are working are some of the poorest in Bolivia and the people have lots of material needs. A few months ago, we saw, in two of the communities where we are currently working, Pampa Aceituno and Morado K’asa, that the children had very few clothes. In a few extreme cases there were children without shoes.

This harsh reality touched the staff and volunteers at BiblioWorks and so we started to do something about it. We visited all of the private schools in the city of Sucre and went to all of the classrooms to explain a little about the work we do and the situation the children in rural communities face.

Luckily, we had a huge outpouring of support from the schools and were able to collect lots of jackets, pants, shoes and other articles necessary for the often cold weather in the Andes. We were able to give one article of clothing to all of the 52 children in Morado K’asa and the 105 children in Pampa Aceituno, according to the sizes and articles that we were able to collect.

With your continued and dedicated support we will be able to continue improving children’s lives in rural indigenous communities in Bolivia. The needs of the 8 communities where we have opened libraries often seem insurmountable, but if we all join forces, we can change and positively impact the lives of many more children. Find out more about how you can get involved!


Maritza helps a girl in Pampa Aceituno try on her new pants





  1. Jmen

    Sue What an adventure! Thanks for inunidclg us by setting up the blog. I look forward to future entries.We’re having a hell of a heat wave in Southern California right now. We’re doing all we can do to keep cool!Hope all is well with you!Love, Cindy

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