Chess club in Presto


In our Presto library which has been opened since 2006, a group of teenagers has created a craze for playing chess.  The original chess club was started earlier this year with the help of a teacher, who played chess every afternoon in the library with a small group of high-school students.

Our libraries offer a diversity of special educational programs. Each community along with the support of the librarian decides what types of activities they want in their library.

In May, BiblioWorks and the Presto library held the first annual literacy festival in Presto. Among the many exciting activities during the festival, there was a chess tournament. That is when José, a fourteen year old student, learned about the library and the chess club.

Since the literacy festival, José has been teaching other teens to play chess every afternoon in the library. Even though the library only has three chess sets, he has taught dozens of students the rules and how to play. The teens in Presto have participated in national and local chess tournaments and have represented Presto very well.

This is the power of libraries and literacy: communities and individuals thinking for themselves and teaching each other valuable critical thinking skills, such as ones used in chess. Please consider helping us purchase more chess sets, books and other materials for Presto and our other seven libraries. With only a small donation from you, we can offer more programs such as the chess club in Presto to communities in need.




José (left) teaching chess