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Biblioteca Virgen de Guadalupe

Quick Facts

  • Inaugurated April 2007
  • Sustainable since 2014
  • BiblioWorks’ 3rd library
  • Municipal Library
  • 30 minutes from Sucre

BiblioWorks inaugurated its third library in the small agricultural community of Yamparáez in April 2007. The town, which has a strong Quechua culture, is located in the altiplano – the high, flat, windy terrain that covers much of western Bolivia. Due to its relatively cold climate, Yamparáez depends on the cultivation of potatoes and wheat.

Biblioteca Virgen de Guadalupe enjoys significant support from the town authorities and active participation from community members and teachers. The librarians who have served in Yamparáez have been extremely active in organizing activities for children and involving the community in the library.

The library in Yamparaez was left in the capable hands of the municipality in 20. BiblioWorks continues to support the library through periodic check-ins and training.

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