Project Details

Reading Activities on the Plaza

Every Friday afternoon at 3:00 pm, the BiblioWorks staff sets up a space in the main plaza of Sucre where they share books and stories with children. Children listen to stories and also read independently. Some children come with their families and some come on their own.

Once our space is set up, children are drawn in by the books. Some of the children that read with us on Fridays are child workers that sell their products on the main plaza. We want to bring reading to the children, since they can not go to the libraries to enjoy the books.

The main goal of this activity is to promote an interest in reading and books among children.

Similar Projects

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In April, the BiblioWorks staff and volunteers organize brigades and promote reading on the public buses in Sucre. In order to carry out this activity, we coordinate with the union of bus drivers in the city.


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