First day…

My name is Karen MacMeekin and I am a librarian from Boulder, Colorado in the United States. My husband and I have been traveling throughout South America for 8 months and, about 3 weeks ago, we returned to Bolivia to volunteer for 6 months.

On Wednesday, May 30, 2012, I spent my first day of volunteering at Biblioworks. Biblioworks is a not-for-profit organization that has built and equipped 10 libraries since 2005 in the rural villages around Sucre, Bolivia. It’s a wonderful organization that truly believes “literacy and education are critical components for the creation and vitality of sustainable communities and cultures.” The first part of my volunteering service will be to visit all of the libraries that BW has created – my first: La Biblioteca “Virgen de Guadalupe” in Yamparáez.


BiblioWorks needs your help to reach new goals and dreams

Our non-profit organization is one of a kind here in Bolivia. When Brendan Sherar and his sister, Megan, initially decided to start BiblioWorks nearly five years ago, there was little understanding among Bolivians living in rural areas about the importance of a library in their town or what it could mean for their community. Now our libraries are being used for many diverse activities. Teachers, librarians, children and other members of the communities where we work are incorporating their libraries into their daily lives and the libraries themselves are becoming an inseparable component of the educational systems in small rural towns.READ MORE

Sopachuy Library Opening

The Sopachuy library officially opened its doors on April 21st, 2008.

10-year old Lourdes (right) began her formal education this February and enjoys sharing what she is learning with others, like 2-year old Daniela. They both reside in Sopachuy.

Over the years, BiblioWorks has been working with Sopachuy government officials and teachers to create a municipal library dedicated to the entire population of this small town about 7 hours outside of Sucre.READ MORE

Allen Singleton
Featured Library: Padilla
To be inaugurated in June 2016
BiblioWorks’ 13th library
4 hours from Sucre

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