Yamparaez Library Celebrates 1-year annniversary


Yamparaez mayor, Anastacio Tango, presenting Latin America Project Coordinator, Megan Sherar, with a small gift at the 1-year anniversary of the library.

The day before their 1-year anniversary, the Yamparaez library committee organized a special event to celebrate both the 1st anniversary of the library and the annually celebrated “Kids Day”.  The elementary school teachers prepared their students for an educational poster contest, where each classroom had to choose a topic related to either children’s’ rights and responsibilities or to literacy and books.  READ MORE

Library in Villa Serrano Opens!

On July 23rd, the Villa Serrano community officially opened the doors to its first-ever public library.

During the previous months, the Villa Serrano Mayor’s office had been working hard to prepare the library space.  BiblioWorks funds were used to repair an old hardwood floor, install two new windows and a bathroom, and paint both the interior and the exterior of the new library.

Sopachuy Library Opening

The Sopachuy library officially opened its doors on April 21st, 2008.

10-year old Lourdes (right) began her formal education this February and enjoys sharing what she is learning with others, like 2-year old Daniela. They both reside in Sopachuy.

Over the years, BiblioWorks has been working with Sopachuy government officials and teachers to create a municipal library dedicated to the entire population of this small town about 7 hours outside of Sucre.READ MORE

Morado K’asa Library Receives Further Donations from BiblioWorks

On April 19th, 2006, exactly one year to the date of the original library inauguration, the Biblioteca “Villa Zamora” received an additional donation on the part of the Mayor’s office and BiblioWorks. 200 more books and two computers were donated by BiblioWorks to the library – part of the materials that were received through the shipment of a 20-foot container from North Carolina to Sucre.  The computers were set-up on two computer desks donated by the local municipality and mayor’s office.


BiblioWorks hires new project coordinator

We are delighted to announce that BiblioWorks has hired Matthew Lynn to lead our library projects in Bolivia. Matthew takes over this position from Megan Sherar who has worked for the past three years to build and develop seven community libraries in the impoverished rural region of Chuquisaca.


BiblioWorks opened two new community libraries in Bolivia this year!

Over the summer, a 40-foot, 17,000-pound shipping container full of materials arrived in Chile and was transported over the Andes Mountains into Sucre, Bolivia. With the help of BiblioWorks staff and volunteers, 15 pallets of furniture and 10,000 books were unloaded and sorted. Our new libraries in Villa Serrano and Yamparaez received their books and furniture by the middle of July and officially opened at the end of the summer.


Department-Level Library Committee Formed

After the big Library Conference hosted by BiblioWorks in November of 2006, a Department-Level Library Committee (Comité Departamental de Bibliotecas Chuquisaca) was formed with 9 different organizations.  The formation of this Committee has been strongly backed by the Chuquisaca Governor’s office and is designed to promote literacy and collaboratively build libraries in the Department of Chuquisaca.


Allen Singleton
Featured Library: Padilla
To be inaugurated in June 2016
BiblioWorks’ 13th library
4 hours from Sucre

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