New library in Maragua!

The community of Maragua

We are excited to announce yet another new BiblioWorks library.  The new project is in the community of Maragua, approximately 40 miles from the city of Sucre. The community is inside an ancient crater created by a meteor and is surrounded by the main mountain chain that runs through the middle of the region, la Cordillera de los Frailes. Education is extremely poor and the community leaders and teachers are very excited to be a part of this project. READ MORE

Be a part of the 2nd Annual Literacy Festival

Help spread the joys of reading in Bolivia

Image from the first ever literacy festival in Sucre, Bolivia

Last year, the first ever literacy festival in Sucre, Bolivia, was organized by BiblioWorks. It was a huge success. Fifteen organizations and over 500 students participated in the events. Now we need your help to make the 2nd Annual Literacy Festival an even bigger success.READ MORE

BiblioWorks to open 9th library in Bolivia!

Help us create this in Tomoroco!

After all of our accomplishments in 2012, we are very excited about the new possibilities that await BiblioWorks in 2013. Our main goal, as always, is to put smiles on more children’s faces and give them books and libraries they can use to improve their education and their lives.

This year we are planning to open our 9th library in the community of Tomoroco!


Meet Angie in Tomina!

Angie outside of the Tomina library

Angie is a twelve-year-old girl who lives in the town of Tomina. She lives with her grandmother across the street from the library. Unfortunately her grandmother doesn’t know the value of education and the positive impact that the library can (and is) having on Angie’s life; she doesn’t allow Angie to visit the library after she returns home from her morning classes.READ MORE

Experiencing Sucre through the eyes of Morado K’asa

Recently, BiblioWorks worked with another Bolivian nonprofit and a Polish organization, Condortrekkers and Early Stage, to create a fundraiser documentary about the lives of Bolivian children in one of our rural library towns, Morado K’asa (also spelled Q’asa). It only made sense that a song in their primary language of Quechua would be the soundtrack. So one weekend in November, we set out to bring eight children to the city to record the song. The kids from Morado K’asa were so excited to come to Sucre that they arrived to their library a full 2.5 hours before we got there to pick them up. READ MORE

Documentary film in Morado K’asa

A teacher works with some of the kids in the school in Morado K’asa

The past few months, BiblioWorks has been working with a local organization called Condor Trekkers and an organization based in Poland called Early Stage, to create a documentary video about the community of Morado K’asa.


The main focus of the video is to highlight the lives of children in a rural, indigenous community in Bolivia to share with children in Poland. The video and an accompanying song, performed by the kids in Morado K’asa, will then be sold to parents in Poland who participate in Early Stage’s projects.READ MORE

BiblioWorks’ Annual Fundraiser Event

Classroom kids in Bolivia

Kids smiling in one of the classrooms in Bolivia that receives support from our teacher training programs.

BiblioWorks is pleased to announce the details of its 2012 Annual Benefit and Holiday Auction, benefiting its programs in Bolivia! We hope any who are in the Asheville area will be able to join us for an evening of celebration that will include live music, drinks and more! Our very own Matt Lynn will be in town from Bolivia for the event to talk about our ongoing work. We also hope that you’ll consider donating an item for our silent auction.  If you have any questions about the event or would like to arrange to donate an item, please call us at 828-239-0271.READ MORE

Library in Pampa Aceituno

Child doing a creative writing activity in the Pampa Aceituno library

This year BiblioWorks has teamed up with the Bolivian run and owned petroleum company YPFB transporte to open a new school library in the small community of Pampa Aceituno. The community is in the municipality of Sucre and is about a 15 minute ride up into the mountains surrounding Sucre.READ MORE

Educational festival in Tarabuco

Kids turnout for reading activities

As the Bolivian school year comes to a close, all of our libraries are working hard to assist children and high-school students with their homework in preparation for their final exams. An important activity for the end of the school year, in every town, is an educational festival to spotlight the hard work the children have done all year.

BiblioWorks and the library in Tarabuco were recently asked to prepare activities for the educational festival to be held in the main plaza. The BiblioWorks staff and volunteers prepared lots of materials, books and games for the children who would participate in the festival.READ MORE

Clothes for children

The children were very excited to receive the new clothes!

While BiblioWorks is dedicated to literacy and libraries, the communities where we are working are some of the poorest in Bolivia and the people have lots of material needs. A few months ago, we saw, in two of the communities where we are currently working, Pampa Aceituno and Morado K’asa, that the children had very few clothes. In a few extreme cases there were children without shoes.READ MORE

Chess club in Presto


In our Presto library which has been opened since 2006, a group of teenagers has created a craze for playing chess.  The original chess club was started earlier this year with the help of a teacher, who played chess every afternoon in the library with a small group of high-school students.READ MORE

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Featured Library: Padilla
To be inaugurated in June 2016
BiblioWorks’ 13th library
4 hours from Sucre

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