BiblioWorks collaborates with Jacob’s Scarves in Villa Abecia

VAwelcomeBiblioWorks is proud to announce that we are supporting the beginning of a new project in Villa Abecia, aimed at helping local women to earn money through a sustainable source of income as well as ensuring that their children have access to a good education.

Jacob’s Scarves, a company started up by Kirsten Berdan from the United States, is based upon the principle that all children deserve an education, regardless of their wealth. During a semester spent teaching English in China, Kirsten met a child called Jacob who, despite his parents’ endless hours of working, would not be able to attend school due to the immense costs of education. This lead her to start a business that would directly benefit children like Jacob around the world.

We are pleased to announce that in collaboration with BiblioWorks, Jacob’s Scarves is looking at expanding their range of scarves to include those made in Bolivia. A group of local women from Villa Abecia has been established as a working union which will make scarves to be sold through Jacob’s Scarves. By enabling the women to sell their scarves directly on the American market, the women will be able to earn money  and buy school materials for their children.

Upon the arrival of Kirsten Berdan and her husband Mike to the community, the local women who are involved with the project showed their pleasure at welcoming the volunteers to the community, by preparing hamburgers and local fruit to be shared by all. This was followed by a two hour long meeting discussing organisation and logistics to ensure that Jacob’s Scarves will be able to work successfully and collaboratively with the community.

We look forward to seeing the positive impact that this new venture will have upon the lives of all involved.

For more information about the wonderful work that Jacob’s Scarves is doing in widening access to education in countries around the globe, please visit their website here.