BiblioWorks Volunteer Story

Guillermo shares a cup of “chicha” with community members in Morado K’asa

We are always happy to have volunteers here at BiblioWorks in Sucre, Bolivia. They bring new ideas, hard work and a true desire to help people in situations less fortunate than their own. For the past month “Guillermo,” from France has been with us here at the BiblioWorks office. Although he got the chance to go to our library in Morado K’asa and see all of the kids pour into the library to read and watch the cultural festival organized by the teen-agers, he was mainly working here at the office, helping out with some very important administrative tasks.

Among many other things he completed a thorough inventory of all of the books, furniture, computer equipment and other materials in the BiblioWorks office. This will help us keep track of the materials we have and allow us to become more cost-effective and transparent as an organization. He also helped organize the inventories in two of our libraries which will allow the librarians to keep better track of their materials. He finished looking for e-mail addresses for a large list of librarians, libraries and library companies around the world which will allow us to make contact with people who are interested in libraries and the important work of promoting literacy that BiblioWorks is doing in Bolivia.

We would like to thank Guillermo for all of his hard work this past month. We are sad to see him go, but always hope to have new volunteers who come to Bolivia to breathe new life into our organization.