BiblioWorks Supports Tarabuco Library

BiblioWorks has already worked with the Tarabuco Municipal Government.  Our first library in Morado K’asa was under their jurisdiction.  So when the Mayor of Tarabuco asked us for a library in the municipal seat, we agreed to support their library project.

Tarabuco is a small town about 60 kilometers from Sucre, on an asphalted road.  The altitude is 3384 meters and the climate is very cold.  This town is well-known among tourists because every Sunday afternoon there is a big weavings market, where local weavers bring their crafts to sell around the main plaza.  Also, once a year in March, there is a very large town party that honors the anniversary of the town with displays of the traditional dance, the “Pujllay”.

Tarabuco has a library that was open over 5 years ago.  But over the years, the importance of the library got shuffled around.  Current Mayor Eliseo Sesgo has seen the importance of a library and made the necessary efforts to reopen it.  In November of 2006, the Municipal Government invited the National Book Bank to come to Tarabuco to reopen the library.  BiblioWorks coordinated the event with the National Book Bank and provided transport to Tarabuco.  In the event, representatives were present from the Mayor’s office and from the High School.  In a small, simple act, books were donated to the new library that the Mayor’s office has already fixed-up and designated for their new library.

The library is now functioning daily and the National Book Bank will return in May with the US Embassy Book Program to donate more books.