BiblioWorks Supports Global Handwashing Day

Smiles all around

On the 15th of October 2014, members of the reading club at the municipal library in Tarabuco, along with over 200 million people worldwide, took part in celebrating Global Handwashing Day. Using water, soap and boundless enthusiasm, the children enjoyed learning about the importance of good hygiene and its part in their everyday routine. As you can see, they very much enjoyed their lesson!

Global Handwashing day is an important international initiative which seeks to reduce the number of preventable deaths caused by poor hygiene and a lack of understanding of good hygiene practices. BiblioWorks actively supports such initiatives whilst continuing to pursue our mission of instilling a passion for reading and literacy into young people. Our library in Tarabuco is one of 11 that we have helped to open in rural Bolivian towns and continues to work in a sustainable and durable fashion to provide the local community with the resource to improve their education and literacy.