BiblioWorks Donates Six Computers to the Cororo High School

On April 27th, 2006 BiblioWorks donated six computers to the high school in Cororo, about 60 km from Sucre, on the same road from Tarabuco to Presto, right before the community of Morado K’asa.

Cororo has the only high school in the area and serves about 8 surrounding communities, the closest being Morado K’asa, at a distance of 1 mile or a half-hour walk.

The event began in the evening at about 5:00 pm, with the participation of all 450 students, plus teachers and invited guests.  The school director welcomed with words of appreciation, followed by words given by Megan Sherar, Latin America Project Coordinator for BiblioWorks – thanking the community for their support and collaboration in the project.  The Mayor of Tarabuco, Eliseo Sesgo, also spoke as he presented 6 computer desks on behalf of the municipal government.  Victor Menchaca, Director of CESATCH, gave words of encouragement to the students and the teachers – asking them to use to their greatest advantage the resources that were being offered to them, in hopes that our efforts will make an impact on the lives and minds of the young students in the Cororo High School.