Our Librarian Workshop!

Day in and day out they’re there with opening arms and welcoming smiles. They help their students keep up their literacy skills, and they work hard to keep our libraries in tip top shape. Who are they you might ask? None other than our librarians! READ MORE


Happy Student Day!

They are a generation or two below us. Their minds are expanding before our eyes. They are our future leaders. Who are they? They are the students of Bolivia!READ MORE


Introducing library number 13!

Set at the foot of the Andean Mountain Range about two and a half hours East of Sucre, the town of Padilla is picturesque with its serene landscape and cooler weather. In addition to its beauty, Padilla recently became the newest location for BiblioWorks’ 13th library!


Liz foto

International Children’s Day!

On June 1st many places around the world recognized International Children’s Day, and BiblioWorks was of course one of them!

Children are our future, and by empowering them with literacy we are able to help them reach their full potential. In such light children around the globe deserve to be both acknowledged and appreciated. One child in particular stands out amongst the crowd: Lizeth Onofre.


Sucre Lee (Sucre Reads)

3 BiblioWorks staff members, 2 interns, 11 volunteers, 2 scouts and 10 zebras*.

100 books for bus drivers, 150 posters, 200 flyers, 50 copies of Inti magazine, 370 books for passengers.



The story of the reading festival

The Reading Festival, which takes place in Sucre, Bolivia, is the largest event organized by BiblioWorks. It gathers 2,000 students annually and more than 20 organizations participate as presenters. Have you ever asked yourself how this festival came to be so important in the region? Here is the story.READ MORE

Meet the New Members of our BiblioWorks Family

We are starting a new year and we are excited to get to work. We have many things planned for 2016:  our annual Reading Festival, a new library, achieving sustainability in two of our existing libraries, a new Reading Corner and a new local committee.

As we begin this year we want to welcome our new Bolivian National Committee members and we would like to introduce them to you: Mirtha Canseco, Marco Antonio Rios, and Tahi Abrego.READ MORE

Allen Singleton
Featured Library: Padilla
To be inaugurated in June 2016
BiblioWorks’ 13th library
4 hours from Sucre

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